Whether you buy lottery tickets every week, or you only buy a ticket when there is a super jackpot (like the $1.3 Billion Powerball jackpot in January), most of us know the thrill of playing the lottery and watching those lotto balls bouncing around in the machine. Admit it, you have thought, “all right, tonight I’m going to win.” You have had conversations with your friends or spouse about what you would do “if” you won the lottery.

You will be waiting your whole life to win the lottery…if you do not change the way you play.

Lottery pools are a proven method for better chances of winning the lottery. However, at $2 a ticket, this method is expensive. A small office lottery pool of 25 people will spend $50, but will barely increase their odds of winning the lottery.

Online lottery pools are a more effective way for playing the lottery and getting the most bang for your buck. Did you know that PowerPick has been the premier online lottery pooling service of Arizona since 1995? Buy tickets in bulk for pennies a piece. For $5.25 you can play Powerball with 200 tickets, and for $10.25 you can play with 400 tickets!

Playing with PowerPick is 4 to 8 times more effective than playing in your small office pool, and is 200 to 400 times more effective than playing by yourself and is so much cheaper.

Let’s break it down:

200 tickets from a gas station costs $400 per Powerball drawing. Play one drawing a week for a year and spend $20,800.

200 tickets from PowerPick costs $5.25 per drawing. Play one drawing a week for a year and spend $273.

Now play with 400 tickets every week for a year and spend only $533.

And if you play The Pick or Mega Millions, you can get just as many tickets for half the cost!

PowerPick has additional ways for players to save, increase their odds, and just have more fun while playing the lottery. We have a $50 Refer-A-Friend Bonus program, where players can get up to $50 credited to their account when new friends play with PowerPick.

Players can purchase our Hot Ticket Special Bonus for $8.25. It’s 100 tickets to be included in 5 pools, each a different game. Players also receive $1.25 off each pool they choose to join for the next 2 hours after purchase.

Also, PowerPick offers a completely customizable experience for each player. Overall, PowerPick is a better, smarter way to play the lottery.