We have all heard it… “you’ll never win”, “you’ll spend more money buying tickets”…but someone does win. Playing PowerPick just makes it more likely that the winner will be you.

But don’t take our word for it! Listen to a few of our loyal PowerPick players…

Linda Myers of Tuscon, AZ has her PowerPick anniversary memorized. “I love it” she remarks. “It’s so easy to play and you get many chances to win for your money’s worth.” She has been playing since April 23, 1997 and has been part of a $100,000 win, a $726.50 win and many $500 wins.

“I highly recommend this as the easiest, fastest and most secure way to play the lottery!”

Johnny Harper from Phoenix is another proud PowerPick player, saying ‘PowerPick has revolutionized the way he plays the lottery.’

“PowerPick Players Club has a large variety of different lottery pools to play into at various low prices.   This way I can ‘leverage’ my money in order to buy into and have a large volume of lottery tickets from a pool of players…that to me is great news!”

Harper has been playing the Arizona Lottery since it started in the 70’s! He had been looking for a pooling program like PowerPick for years. He’s also a fan of our $50 referral program.

“I just love referring Power Pick Player’s Club to all of my friends and family!”

We believe in making the lottery a fun experience and offering our players as many benefits as possible.

“We have also won $500 on a scratcher ticket that was sent to us from the PowerPick team for participating in their FREE weekly drawing” reported S. Hank of Scottsdale AZ. “The $500 sure came in handy for shopping for some unexpected new household items!”

Users also enjoy the convenience and ease of playing. James D. Fox recently switched to using the website, calling EzPooling.com “the most user-friendly site I have ever experienced! I will only be calling in [to PowerPick] just to say hello [to Judy and Andy].”

Finally, not to brag, but many of the loyal PowerPick players have stuck around due to the quality, friendly service of yours truly, Andy and Judy Amada.

“Judy and Andy are always there to talk, and it isn’t just for show. These two individuals are caring and they run this business, which is honest and fair. I would trust them in all situations because they really care.” – Phyllis Meadows

Straight from the players’ mouth: PowerPick is a fast, fun and an effective way for Arizona residents to play the lottery. We offer players as many benefits to playing the lottery as possible so you will keep winning for years to come.