Some people may have joined an office lottery pool at their work to increase their odds of winning the lottery. This seems smart; more tickets = more chances to win. But office lottery pools can be messy and come with baggage. EZPooling provides the ability to pool without the office and office politics. Here’s why what we do for you makes sense!

1. Playing with Powerpick

Now imagine that you played with PowerPick…

We offer security ensuring that your money and your winnings are accounted for in your secure account. You do not have to rely on the honesty of others to buy your tickets or distribute winnings.

We also offer an environment free of disputes and office politics. With our service, you know with certainty that you are included on the pools you participate in and know exactly what your payout should be, based upon your pool results.

We also provide an environment of anonymity for all our customers. When you win, its your business not anyone else.

We offer larger pools of tickets to play with that can increase your odds of winning.

That’s the beauty of PowerPick. Your lottery experience is totally customizable. Choose your game, choose your pool, and how many tickets you play with.

2. Local Lottery

In addition to Powerball and Mega Millions, PowerPick also offers your favorite local Arizona lottery games Fantasy 5 and The Pick.

Local lottery games are great for lottery players because Arizona residents are only playing against each other. Less competition increases your lottery pool’s odds of becoming a sole jackpot winner.

3. Convenient

No more running to the store. You can call in your ticket order or play the lottery online at

4. 100 FREE lottery tickets to new PowerPick players That’s right. When you sign-up to play, PowerPick puts you into a pool of 100 FREE LOTTERY TICKETS to play Powerball, MegaMillions or The Pick.

Like the PowerPick experience? Refer-a-Friend or family member and get up to $50 you can use toward any games that you want, or you can get a check. And there is no limit to the number of referrals!!

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